Cheboygan Opera House: The Early Years: 1877 to 1927

In 1877, Cheboygan’s founders want the young village to be a home for arts and culture. They build a wooden Opera House. A mysterious, deadly fire destroys the building… The booming lumber town calls for a grander vision. The largest and most beautiful building in Cheboygan arises from the ashes.

In this book you will recognize the names of your relatives, friends and neighbors who helped build and support the Opera House. Generations of local families appear on the stage and cheer from the seats. Above all, the Jewel of the North still stands as a hub of the community, where over a million people have walked through the doors.

Coming soon, a history of the Cheboygan Opera House between 1877 and 1927 written by Kathy King Johnson, M.Ed., Hopwood Award winning author from the University of Michigan. She is the author of two novels, “The Legendary Eclipse” and “Rambler” and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. As former Executive Director of the Opera House, she became immersed in its history and the importance of the arts in rural America.

Book will be available in print on April 1.

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