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Michigan Council for Arts
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The Cultural Data Project must be completed for

 grant applications.
To complete this, go to the web

site below: 

The new Michigan Council for Arts


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The focus of the Operational Support Category is to provide specific operational support to arts and cultural organizations only.  Municipalities, schools and non-arts nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply in the Projects Support category.  MCACA defines arts and cultural organizations as those organizations whose primary mission is to provide an experience, including a learning experience, that is based in a specific arts or cultural discipline.  These organization types are: Arts Education Organizations, Arts Service Organizations, Collecting or Material Organizations, Public Broadcasting Organizations, Literary Arts Organizations, Performing Arts Organizations and Visual Arts/Film/Video Organizations.  Deadline to apply: June 1


The focus of the Projects Support Category is to provide quality arts and cultural, as well as educational, projects to citizens across the state.  This category funds specific arts projects conducted by non-profit organizations, municipalities and educational institutions and other organizations that utilize the talents and creativity of professional artists or arts educators in all arts disciplines to advance the creative, cultural and economic environment of the stage.  Funding may only be used for artist fees directly related to the project, salaries or wages directly related to the project, space rental, marketing or promotional expenses directly related to the project, project supplies and materials including performance or other production costs, project-related curriculum materials.   Deadline to Apply:  June 1

The Capital Improvement grant category provides funding assistance to Michigan nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and municipalities for the expansion, renovation or construction of cultural facilities: Upgrade of equipment and furnishing to provide a competitive and up-to-date environment; equipment and instrument acquisitions that are integral to the implementation of events and services.  The improvements resulting from these grants enable citizens of all ages and abilities to enjoy more cultural events while increasing their participation within their communities.  Deadline to Apply: June 1


The Arts in Education Residency program funds arts education residencies designed to introduce or enhance student knowledge of and participation in a particular art form such as dance, theatre, music, creative writing, storytelling, visual arts (including video and graphic design) or traditional folk arts by bring a professional teaching artist into the educational setting for a designated amount of time.  The AIER grant provides up to $20,000 to registered educational institutions, including public or non-public schools, school districts, intermediate school districts, regional school districts and licensed daycare providers (with at QRUS score of 2-4).  Deadline to Apply:  June 1


Through the New Leaders Arts Council of Michigan advisory group, grants are offered to support projects or collaborations focusing on the retention and community engagement of young people, 14-35 years old, in Michigan through arts and culture. Funding is available for projects that involve the creative mentorship of young people, creative ideas or projects young people are already working on, ideas young people have about how to make their community a better place, projects that use arts and culture to empower young people in Michigan; support an atmosphere of entrepreneurship and creativity; and encourage the retention of young people in their communities.  Learn more about the New Leaders Arts Council of Michigan by visiting their Facebook page.    Deadline to Apply: June 1


The Minigrant program is a partnership between the MCACA and 15 regional regranting agencies throughout the state. There are two components of the Minigrant program, Arts Projects and Professional Development grants. These are special opportunities to address local arts and cultural needs as well as increasing public access to arts and culture. Arts Projects Minigrants provide up to $4,000 for locally developed, high quality arts and cultural projects. Professional Development Minigrants provide up to $1,500 to assist nonprofit organizations and arts professional acquire services or skills to strengthen the administrative infrastructure of the organization. Deadline to Apply: February 

To locate your Regional Regranting agency click here:


Applications for grants are due on January 1st of each year. Awards will be announced in February. Organizations recognized as non-profit charitable organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code are eligible for consideration. Schools and government agencies are also eligible. Grant Applications are available at or by contacting Christine Bruske-Hitch at 989-354-6881.

The Straits Area Community Foundation is a permanent endowment, receiving funds from a wide range of donors. The Foundation makes grants to non-profit agencies in Cheboygan County with a focus on the evolving needs of the area. They are given in the field of arts and culture, civic affairs, education, the environment, recreation, social services, and youth. Grant amounts vary depending on the nature and need of the request and the amount of the Foundation's income. Grants are not given to individuals except for awards or scholarships from designated funds. Grants are also available to governmental bodies and schools. There are two categories of Common Grant Requests:

  • SACF Common Grant Application: Maximum $2,500
  • SACF Mini-Grant Application: Maximum $300